The Time is Short

The time is short, the end draws near,
When all God’s judgments shall appear;
The earth, though now it seemeth right,
Will soon be in a sorry plight.
The time is short, yet men forget,
Their sins, and for them seldom fret,
For Satan whispers in their ears,
“You have no cause for anxious fears.”
The time is short, soon, from on high,
Woe to the earth, will angels cry;
Then men will, in their awful pain,
Blaspheme the Lord, His Word disdain.
The time is short, and soon ‘t will be,
Too late to seek for mercy free,
Yet men go on from day do day,
Forgetting God, in their own way.
The time is short, this life will end,
And if without the sinner’s Friend
As Judge you will the Lord meet
Before His awful judgment seat.
The time is short, none can tell when
God’s wrath will be poured out on men,
But by God’s Word it doth appear
Through things now seen — the end is NEAR.
The time is short, and I must tell
God’s wrath is real, and so is hell;
A righteous God, and just, is He,
Who keeps His Word eternally.
The time is short, and yet you say
That you God’s law can disobey;
That He who righteous is and true
Will not His judgment bring on you.
The time is short — ‘t will pass away;
Now is salvation’s glorious day,
But those who harden NOW their heart
Will hear the solemn word, “Depart.”

Blessed He that cometh in the Name of the Lord