Revive Thy Work

“O Lord, revive Thy work”. Habakkuk 3:2
“From this day will I bless you”. Haggai 2:18,19

Revive Thy work, our gracious God,
Amidst the years do Thou make known;
May “old paths” joyfully be trod,
For we are Thine, yea, Thine alone.

Revive us; may our love to Thee
Be by Thy grace a burning flame;
“This day and upward” may we be
A praise unto Thy holy Name.

No power of earth, nor fleshly might
Sufficeth for us in the fray,
But in our Saviour’s strength we fight,
Press onward, upward, day by day.

So may it be! How can we lay
Aside our weapons in despair?
Before Thy throne of grace we pray,
For Christ our Advocate is there.

A. H. Howe

Blessed He that cometh in the Name of the Lord